Riya Sokol


The album is only a part of the project named “I’mperfect,” created by Whisbear and Riya Sokol. The album consists of 10 songs, all sung by Riya Sokol. Paweł Lucewicz composed the music. Arrangement was prepared by Michał Wasilewski and Wojtek Baranowski, producers from a Warsaw-based “DOBROĆ” studio.

Each song touches upon subjects important for motherhood: taking care of one’s needs, acceptance of occassionally difficult situations, unconditional love for children. As the singer and the project’s co-author, Riya Sokol, emphasises, “These songs are very real, I reveal myself in them, all my feelings concerning motherhood, emotions I have experienced - and most of the mothers I know have too.”
mothers about themselves
Mothers are very critical of themselves. The do not allow for mistakes. Facebook or Instagram profiles of other moms strengthen the belief that perfection is still far away. They often don’t realize that all the mothers across the world feel the same - not only love for their children, but also hopelessness, exhaustion, fear or even loneliness.
The I’mperfect project is an invitation for mothers to share themselves, as they are. We want to show them that they have every right to “imperfection”, guilt and weakness, the emotions mothers deal with every single day. Sometimes the simple act of sharing, naming these feelings brings immense relief. Especially when we contrast the ruthless self-evaluation with an outside perspective - for example your friend’s, who - as it turns out - actually admires you.
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Riya Sokół
singer, lyricist, mom